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Apr 03, 2011
regular season "Open"
Greenbriar Park#4
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04/03/11 08:30
04/03 : Pain shuts out Stone Cold 21-0

Pain improves to 2-0 on the season, while Stone Cold drops to 0-2.

This is the most points scored in a game this season by Pain, and the second time Pain shutout an opponent this season. Coupled with a win in their previous game, Pain has now won two in a row.

Coupled with a loss in their previous game Stone Cold is now on a two game slide. This is the first time Stone Cold failed to score against an opponent this season.

Prior to this game, these teams had met only one other time, on Oct 10 2010, 08:00, a IFFL - Reston/Fairfax Fall League "Open" regular season game which Pain won 24-14.

Next up for Stone Cold is Warriors (0-1). That game is scheduled for Apr 10 2011, 09:30 at South Lakes Drive Park.

Pain will face off against Pythons (1-0) on Apr 10 2011, 08:30 at Greenbriar Park#4.

Stone Cold

04/03/11 12:29
Good game Pain...good luck to ya`ll on the rest of ur schedule


04/03/11 12:36
Is this the same Stone Cold "that was going to give a lot of team troubles?" I wouldn`t say 0-3 is giving a lot of teams trouble.


04/03/11 12:45
Looks like stone cold is trying to repeat as B champs.


04/03/11 12:45
Looks like stone cold is trying to repeat as B champs.

Big Johnson

04/03/11 12:52
If they`re not careful they`ll be playing for the C title.


04/03/11 12:56
Before ya`ll start giving them shyt...look at who they`ve played. It`s hard to argue the fact that they might have had the toughest schedule so far. Just keep that in mind too.

It`s still early in the season, they can turn it around.

Big Johnson

04/03/11 13:08
Wood, that`s all well and good but, with only a 6 game regular season will 3-3 be good enough to make the B playoffs. It might be, too early to tell. They should win their next 3, but there is no room to slip up. 2-4 will probably get you in the C playoffs.

7pt Pain

04/03/11 13:12
Hollywood finally made some decent additions


04/03/11 14:56
@ Big Johnson, you`re right...they need to run the table the second half of the season and get help if they want to make the A playoffs.

@ 7pt Pain - I did that! LOL They are a HUGE addition. I`m going for GM of the year.


04/03/11 15:28
Probably because they cut Big Smooth. Haven`t seen him. He was all washed up anyhow.


04/03/11 15:34
Nope...you can`t talk about Big Smooth!! As he would always say.."the original big man with hands." LOL
Yeah, he offically retired at the end of last season.


04/03/11 15:50
Another biatch move by Pain.


04/03/11 15:50
Another biatch move by Pain.


04/03/11 17:48
of haters on this board man! Talk about sc and pain and lazy! Bunch lil girls hating on each other!


04/04/11 09:24
capitalized on what shouldve been a better game. sc was scrambling to get players on the field. they had 8 or 9 the whole game. didn`t see 21 or their big time safety who is the big scorer for them too.

Mr. unknown

04/04/11 11:33


04/04/11 12:04
Got Grammar?

Big Johnson

04/04/11 12:21
"The Plug" should change his name to "The Butt Plug."

To Big Johnson

04/04/11 13:23

Its true

04/04/11 13:26
We were listening to some of the chatter on SCs side and SC is missing key players this year. They only had 9 for the pain game and scavs game more people came out. They might have another 0-something season but these guys play hard in the playoffs. Too bad at this rate they will be playing in the C playoffs lol

To SC coach

04/04/11 13:30
Dont listen to none of these chumps out here. You all good in my book. You dont get to three championship games in 3 straight seasons from pure luck. G-luck this season.

What are the odds

04/04/11 14:02
that "To SC coach" is a SC player. I would say 99%


04/04/11 14:23
Hearing from my sources that Hollywood forced Big Smooth into retirement when he found out he could upgrade to a younger, faster model. Sad when this kinda ish happens to older players but it`s part of the business....


04/04/11 14:36
So, "To SC coach," if a team makes it to 3 C league championship games, are they good? I would actually consider them horrible, just like Stone Cold....who actually is not good, and is getting ruled this year. Back down to earth SC. The only good news...they are 3-0 in the post game fights.


04/04/11 14:55
You the same guy who continues to give SC chatter on the board. Why you still stuck on the past. Did you get hurt in one of those post game fights?

Funny coz a lot of other teams say the same thing. That these guys are likeable. Hate em or love em, they always get love on the board.

to Wow

04/04/11 14:57
it was C, B and B I think so having a better regular season record and being one and done in the playoffs is better? i.e. lazy. how long have they been playing? when was their last chip?


04/04/11 14:57
since you see everything I would like to say congrats. you must hold serious power dude. :-)

Mr. Post Removed

What are the odds

04/04/11 15:25
that "^^^" and "To Wow" are SC players. I would say 99.999999%


04/04/11 15:27
I would rather play in the A playoffs and be one and done than win the B chip, as you call it. Ask any decent A team. They will all say that playing in the A playoffs means more, period. Now shouldn`t you be back in jail, now that the weekend pass is over?


04/04/11 15:33
what are the odds that "what are the odds" and "wow!" and "hmm!" and the other "wow!" is the same person. damn get a job homie lol


04/04/11 15:47
What are the odds that this has become dumbest thread on the board over the last 3 hours?



04/04/11 15:50
one anonymous fool won`t let it go. OK they`re 0-3 no one thought they could beat Pain or Scavs and I`m not shocked about the United loss.

Jon Jones

04/04/11 15:51
What are the odds that Wow is actually J-Wow from the Jersey Shore and plays for SC? I`d say about 99% since they play like some biatches. Getcha popcorn ready!! Where`s Snooki?

to jon jones

04/04/11 15:59
lol thats funny but "wow" is saying stuff against sc, so 0% for you. And JWow is looking for a Ronnie like you, sweet stuff.


04/04/11 17:48

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