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Jul 30, 2012
Stone Cold20  
postseason "A" semifinal
Lake Fairfax#1
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07/30/12 20:30
07/30 : Pain wins A semifinal vs Stone Cold 31-20

Pain improves to 2-0 in the postseason, while Stone Cold exits at 1-1.

The victory continues a 2 game winning streak for Pain which now stands at 3 wins in a row.

This is the fewest points scored in a game this season by Stone Cold. The loss ends a 4 game winning streak for Stone Cold.

These teams are very familiar with one another, having now played 7 times. Their previous contest occured in a Fairfax Mens Summer Flag Football League "Open" regular season game Jun 28 2012, 21:00, which Stone Cold won 17-10. Overall, Pain is 6-1 against Stone Cold.

Next up for Pain is Natural Harvest (5-1). That game is scheduled for Jul 30 2012, 21:45 at Lake Fairfax#1.

Tom V
league commissioner

07/31/12 07:24
Game was a lot closer than the score indicates. Pain was up 17-14 with about 2:30 left and had a third down at the Stone Cold 5 yard line. Stone Cold was trying to hold them to a field goal and keep the game within 6. Pain scored a TD to go up 24-14, and got a pick-6 on the ensuing Stone Cold possession (31-14). Stone Cold did score before time expired.


07/31/12 08:53
The pick 6 came off of an sc player (annoyingly loud #32) trying to pitch the ball. Hollywood ran it back then isaacs sore losing a$$ tried to tackle him.

Quote of the game:
"don`t do dat Isaac, we too cool for dat" - Hollywood.


07/31/12 09:36
is too nice. Isaac is a sore loser!

Yo bama

07/31/12 10:05
Why is that bama a$$ #32 out there? Dude is sorry as h e l l. I don`t get it. Dude, you s u c k. Stop trying to act all hard and talk smack all game.


07/31/12 10:31
He plays corner too. Him and #1 think they nice. But get toasted every game. But they the loudest lol.

asst coach

07/31/12 10:35
Good game SC. Always a hard fought physical game.

to ^

07/31/12 13:33
Get your facts right before talking. It was #1 who pitched the ball and from what I heard from the sideline Isaac apologized to Hollywood right there when the play happened.

to Pain

07/31/12 13:36
Just like every team out here, your win in the semifinal is overshadowed by the crying m-fers you have on your team that show up on the board after all is said and done to rant about a game that is done and over with. Your team beat SC so why are they still talking? Dont talk about sc and sore losers. They`re sore because they lost. Try to win with some class and STFU.

asst coach

07/31/12 13:56
So angry, like an alligator with no toothbrush. Most of the guys on our team log in that even post(Me, Slash, Hollywood, Lumpy). 95% of our team doesnt even know what the website is since we send out group emails. There were a lot of other teams at the game that could have posted. I think we did win with some class, we came over shook hands, said good game, and didn`t talk trash after the game. Yes it sucked we lost to Natural Harvest but when we invited their team over for beers and pizza.


07/31/12 14:47
The new Al Bundy of the message board.


07/31/12 14:54
Miller is right, anyone who posts from my team logs in. Not to mention, it`s only a handful of people who get on the messageboard. We don`t talk trash, we sit around and laugh and joke with just about every team in the league.

Regarding Isaac, I have no problem with him. We`ve been playing against each other AND on the same team for years. Isaac is an intense player who gives it 110% on every play. You can`t ask for more than that. He`s actually one of players I can talk trash to and he can do the same to me and we leave it at that. It`s part of the game and once the game ends, so does the trash talking. He`s a good dude in my book. Good game SC and good luck in the Bark Bowl.


07/31/12 14:57
isaac`s the dirtiest player in the league. so youre telling me its ok to do what he did since he apologized for it? this guy tries to crack back everyone in the backfield and does it using his shoulders. gtfoutta here isaac nut rider.


07/31/12 15:05
This is football, yeah it`s flag, but football nonetheless. Contact behind the line and five yards beyond the line is legal in the IFFL. No one wears equipment, so the only parts of your body you can use to block are hands and shoulders. If you don`t like contact, there are plenty of tennis leagues or even pilates classes in the area.

to @??

07/31/12 15:18
lol either you`re completely oblivious to the rules or you`re one of the people that try to shoulder people. read the rule book playa, contact behind the line or not, still gotta use your HANDS.


07/31/12 15:23
lls! tennis leagues and pilates though lls! gtfoh with replying to poster ??. isaac must have blasted your a** a few times in the past. I personally dont think he`s dirty but he plays extremely physical. Monday night game he had dude flailing falling on his a** at the line of scrimmage, hard as f*** but still legal. You dont want contact at the line of scrimmage, you should play in the coed league wit your lady.


07/31/12 15:36
yup. guess you`re one of the ignorant ones.

to lol

07/31/12 15:41
sounds like you all alone there buddy. you calling everyone else ignorant while running your mouth about one guy who you seem to have a vendetta against. sounds personal man grow up.


07/31/12 15:45
nope, its never personal. just stating facts. funny thing is everyone cries about playing some other sport with no contact and this and that but these are the same people that cry when they dont get a call on the field.

to lol

07/31/12 15:50
thats your opinion not fact. go back to school.


07/31/12 15:55
umm he crackbacks people with his shoulder? rulebook says MUST USE HANDS. pretty sure that`s A FACT. you go back to school.

@ lol

07/31/12 15:56
plus, "crying" about not getting a call isn`t the same as having a physical style of play. apples and oranges, my friend.


07/31/12 16:18
Ive played him twice and never had a problem with him. I play lb so have to blitz sometimes. Hes blocked me b4 and never dirty and a crack back is whats its called. So stop being dumb and lining up on the inside of him u know its coming

lmfao @ showtime#3

07/31/12 16:29
lmfao @ u know its coming. sounds like a personal problem to me--to the crackback commenter.


07/31/12 16:32

Derek Zoolander

registered poster

07/31/12 17:11
Miller loves to "manhandle" all the boys in this league!

I think

07/31/12 18:17
Miller is the type that likes to get manhandled lol

asst coach

08/01/12 09:59
hahahahh. Issac is a good rusher not sure why he doesnt do it more often? Yes I loved to get manhandled.


08/03/12 09:05
While the crackbacks might be legal, there is a certain level of blocking that is either fair and just, or is with the intent on knocking a player out of a game. Isaac has pretty much crossed the line from just `blocking` to trying to knock someone out of the game. That is the issue at hand. Only a matter of time before someone puts an elbow up, and knocks him out.

I diagree

08/03/12 11:38
Anybody who plays down in the trenches and especially offensive line understand how many defensive lineman get a 1 to 2 yard head start and drop their shoulders, bull rush and sometimes (accident or not) lose control of their hands and elbows. I`ts all good. No flag no foul. But if you get the opportunity to take out a little punishment on somebody who chooses to rush your quarterback than so be it. Nobody`s exchanging recipes out there. Game over, shake hands. Issac ain`t trying to injure anybody.

asst coach

08/03/12 12:52

where he be

08/03/12 13:30
yo what happened to that other stone cold qb, white kid with the gut who could sling it. he stil wit sc?

asst coach

08/03/12 13:58
Not that I know of, he screwed them 2 seasons in a row of the playoffs from my understanding...


08/03/12 18:55

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