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Jan 13, 2013
regular season "Open"
Greenbriar #5
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01/13/13 11:00
01/13 : Primetime beats GameFace 24-17

Primetime starts the season with a win, while GameFace drops one in the loss column.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Next up for Primetime is Renegades (0-0). That game is scheduled for Jan 27 2013, 10:00 at Greenbriar #5.

GameFace will face off against Stone Cold (0-1) on Jan 20 2013, 11:00 at Greenbriar #5.


01/15/13 14:53
Any recap on how this game went?

league commissioner

01/15/13 15:04
I didn`t see the first half, but GameFace was down 17-3 I believe when I got to the field. They scored a quick touchdown, got a defensive stop and got the ball back with about 5 minutes left. They hit a quick screen that turned into the game tying score. Then Primetime threw a swing (I think) that gave them the lead with about 45 seconds to go. Gameface took the ball on the 20, drove to about midfield and threw a pick to end the game.


01/15/13 17:42
sounds about right, good game GameFace, im sure we will see yall in the playoffs!

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