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Feb 24, 2013
regular season "Open"
Greenbriar #5
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02/24/13 10:00
02/24 : The Truth sneaks by GameFace 20-17

The Truth improves to 4-3 in the late stretch of the season, while GameFace drops to 3-3.

The victory gets The Truth back on the winning track after a loss in their last game.

The loss ends a 2 game winning streak for GameFace.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Truth and Crown merger?

02/25/13 08:59
I see u scooped some triple crown players bundy, good game


02/25/13 10:04
TC players does the Truth have?

yeah spill

02/25/13 10:10
The beans!!!!!

it`s not true

02/25/13 10:48
Until Al says it`s true and I doubt he tell u before the playoffs, u better have a bucket of beer and some cupcakes if youre gonna get something out of him

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