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May 19, 2013
postseason "A" championship
EC Lawrence #1
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05/19/13 11:00
05/19 : GameFace wins A championship in OT vs Pain 17-16

GameFace improves to 2-0 in the postseason, while Pain exits at 2-1.

The victory continues a 7 game winning streak for GameFace which now stands at 8 wins in a row.

The loss ends a 4 game winning streak for Pain.

These teams are very familiar with one another, having now played 6 times. GameFace currently owns a 3 game winning streak in this rivalry. Their previous contest occured in a Fairfax County Flag Football League "A" regular season game May 13 2013, 21:00, which GameFace won 21-12. Overall, GameFace is 4-2 against Pain.

Gametime temperature was a moderate 64 degrees under overcast skies.

Stone Cold

05/19/13 16:41
Congrats fellas

asst coach

05/19/13 21:18
Good game GameFace. Always a battle!


05/20/13 07:05
Definitely a thriller to the end! Had to stay & watch...kicker makes the Extra Point, there would`ve been double OT...gg to both teams


05/20/13 09:17


05/20/13 09:33
GF scored on the very first place of the game on a KO Ret from Agent Zero; Pain moved the ball but could only settle for a FG; Halftime Score was 7-3 GF; Pain took the lead late in the 2nd half but manny stepped up BIG and hit a Game tying FG from bout 35 yards out; OT had to be played on grass :/ smh

In OT, pain got the ball first and scored a TD on a cross pattern in the very back of the end zone HOWEVER kicker missed the XP; manny got sacked but as Pain`s D line jumped offsides the very next play; Josh dropped a corner fade from manny but very next play he catches a slant to tie the game & many hits the XP to win it for GF...


05/20/13 10:18
Who played QB for Pain?


05/20/13 10:23
great job winning collission/GF

asst coach

05/20/13 10:54
Slash was our QB...

Hey Miller....

05/20/13 13:08
Was Ponch, your regular kicker the one who missed the extra point?

asst coach

05/20/13 13:12
No, Steve has not been with us for a few seasons now. He had some family issues he had to take care of. We picked up another kicker who had been very consistent all year. He would make that kick 99% of the time. Guess it wasnt our day to win.

asst commissioner

05/20/13 13:25
It was interesting how many of the games yesterday came down to missed kicks. Ruckus missed 2 shots at a FG to send their game with Pain into OT. The Truth scored with no time left on the clock and then missed the XP that would have forced OT against Pain and then Pain missed the XP in OT in the championship. Kicking was huge yesterday. A lot of good, close playoff games.


05/20/13 13:26
its somewhat ironic, The Truth missed a kick (chip) in the Pain vs Truth game that sealed the win for Pain and then the same thing happens to Pain...it was strange indeed

re: Josh

05/20/13 13:31
thank you for the congratulations


05/20/13 17:24
MIller is Pain a compeltly different team in this league vs Week night FFAX

asst coach

05/20/13 19:28
Ehh its complicated, yes it is the same team but way different. Slash and Shane said they could not play weeknights this season except for a few days and I think one of our games fell on that day. They make a world of a difference to our team. With that being said, Hollywood and I were talking about not even fielding a weeknight team due to lack of attendance for the past 2 - 3 season during weeknights. This season pretty much confirmed our belief that we shouldn`t have had a team during weeknights. Going forward Pain may only play Sundays unless we can get some roster turnover and get some more players that can commit. During weeknights we have had no more than 10 players the whole season, with 5 lineman essentially. But yes same team with major attendance issues.


05/20/13 22:02
I liked the playoffs in one day. It kind of felt like a fake Bark Bowl and I think more people stuck around to see the results. It would be nice if we could have some type of preseason tourney too.

asst commissioner

05/21/13 13:02
I liked it too, but to do that took some good fortune. We had just enough teams and field space to make it work. If we can do it in the future, I will definitely do that again.


05/21/13 13:55
Pics or it didn`t happen! when are they going up I saw tom out there?

asst commissioner

05/21/13 15:31
Give the man time, it takes a lot of time to go through the literally 500-700 pictures he takes to re-size, crop and upload each one.

Golden Rule of Pictures - Each time you ask, we wait another day longer :)

@ Josh

05/21/13 15:56
Does your wife also apply that same Golden Rule when it comes to fooling around?


05/21/13 16:48
Just wrong man!!

Derek Zoolander

registered poster

05/21/13 18:09
I`m just imagining how long it takes Josh`s wife to "re-size, crop and upload". The first two must be a never ending mental fight for her in order to get to the third.

Come on Bundy.. Thin is in, beach season is upon us and nothing taste as good as skinny feels! This guy can`t wait to show off his ding-a-ling-sling on the beach this summer!

Thanks for another great season, and Bundy tell Tom to get on uploading those pics! I don`t think he wants me uploading our special pics to remind him that "it DID happen"....

asst coach

05/21/13 19:58
Josh I have to call you out. No one has asked for winter pics for months and they aren`t up! Need to relive our championship since we lost this one.


05/21/13 20:26
Who cares Miller? Now go crunch some numbers!

Josh asst commissioner

05/21/13 21:52
Here it is Miller: attachment

Josh asst commissioner

05/21/13 21:54
Here it is Miller: attachment (Pain_just_lost_Spring2013.jpeg)


05/22/13 06:26

asst commissioner

05/22/13 17:25
Miller - I`ll see if Tom has them ready yet, but you just added another day.


06/02/13 16:09
pics up (153)

asst coach

06/02/13 18:58
Tommy boy, where is the pic where Josh the ball and it was a missed call and Pain actually won?!?!?

asst coach

06/02/13 19:22
f me im drunk... i mean to say he dropped* lol

^ Drunk?

06/04/13 20:53
Miller, it was 7 o`clock. Hope you`re joking. No drop btw clean catch, you lose.


06/05/13 16:06
Miller, glad we`re not the only ones day drinking... There should be a division with a required pregame BAC

asst coach

06/06/13 07:32
Yea I was pretty hammer time.


06/06/13 08:18
Didnt this fat kid used to be the skinny receiver from kerns?


Hey #2

06/06/13 11:23
Yea, I think that fatty has been around for a while, played with Sharks too. His name is Slash.

Was this a penalty?


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