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Mar 03, 2013
Stone Cold6  
postseason "A" semifinal
Braddock Park #7
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03/03/13 09:00
03/03 : Pain wins A semifinal vs Stone Cold 10-6

Pain improves to 1-0 in the postseason, while Stone Cold exits at 0-1.

This is the fewest points scored in a game this season by PainCoupled with a win in their previous game, Pain has now won two in a row.

This is the fewest points scored in a game this season by Stone Cold. The loss ends a 2 game winning streak for Stone Cold.

These teams are very familiar with one another, having now played 11 times. Pain has now won the last two matchups. Their previous contest occured in a IFFL Fairfax Winter Flag Football League "Open" regular season game Jan 13 2013, 11:00, which Pain won 13-7. Overall, Pain is 8-3 against Stone Cold.

Gametime temperature was a frigid 35 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.


03/03/13 16:19
ups to Pain and look like SC was the 2nd best team out there today.But SC could of won if QB flag didnt fall off so a little lucky to.

asst coach

03/03/13 16:25
You are an idiot. He fell over before the line. They weren`t going to score anyways.

re: well

03/03/13 19:12
second best team out there today...are you serious?


03/03/13 20:41
Good game SC. It`s always a battle between us.

You go Miller

03/04/13 08:37
Look at Miller, he get`s himself a winter title, and he`s all kinds of calling people out on the board. Go get `em tiger!

asst coach

03/04/13 09:49
LOL just saying it how it was.... Tom even showed us the picture of him down short...

Re: well

03/04/13 11:44
how can you say you would have won if issac flag didnt fall off? You guys didnt move the ball all game and you 1 score came on a Kick off return. take your L like a man

Stone Cold

03/04/13 16:12
Likewise Hollywood.

To "RE:well" Man we have played each other so many times there is no need to talk without logging in...my flag fell off before the 1st down...thats part of the game..if it didnt, who knows what would have happened with 40 secs left..we lost pain won...score was 10-6..neither team put up a ton of yards. the only drive that had yards was pains 1st when they got a FG. we drove about 40 yds before half and did not score on 4th down at the goaline...their 1 touchdown was on a 20 yd drive after a punt and penalty. At the end of the day, it was a good game i think, Pain won..end of story. No need to talk **** now. Congrats on the Winter Ship...see you in the Spring!


03/04/13 16:26
Well said Issac. it just made it very hard going one way towards the wind. BUt good Game to Stone Cold and Gameface

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